What type of horse are you!

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Want to know what breed is best for you your in luck! Find out here what breed best fits you. Who knows might be the breed you work best with! Come and see!

You ready so know? Answer truthfully or just have fun! I don't really care I just hope you like it! I worked really really hard (Sorry I have to have 150 letters so) Hope you have fun!

Created by: Kayla

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  1. Ok so you are on this trail ride your being chased and you have to jump but are in a western saddle and you don't know how. Would you do it?
  2. You are on your way to the barn and when you get there you are the only one there and the barn is on fire. What do you do?
  3. You get to pick your own horse out of the whole barn which one do you pick?
  4. Which class would you rather do?
  5. Ok halfway there! (No Effect)
  6. You get stuck with a perfect dressage pony but you want a barrel horse. What do you do?
  7. Someone comes up and tries to make fun of you. What do you do.
  8. What is your fav breed (Little effect)
  9. Did this bor you no effect
  10. Last Q

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Quiz topic: What type of horse am I!