What type of guys you like?

To get a better guys look around everyday or when your not busy.. that much to slove this promblem wake up GIRLLLLL!!! there are many nice loving guys out there trust...

In a few months or years i know you girls will find your love or life.. there are many guys out there waiting for someone to love and have ***!! Trust me..

Created by: Aileen
  1. Have you ever kissed a boy/girl?
  2. Do you know your crushes age?
  3. What type of girl you are?
  4. What type of guy whould you like?
  5. How many friends dose your crush have?
  6. What kind of sport your crush plays?
  7. Have your crush looked at you?
  8. Dose your crush like you?
  9. If your brother is friends with your crush what would you do?
  10. ummm......huh????pick one?

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