What Type Of Girlfriend or You?

This Quiz is to test how well or not so well a girlfriend you are to your man/husband/future boyfriend. This is Just for fun, but there may be some realness to the outcome. Here are the possible outcomes. 1. Loving and Faithful Girlfriend 2. High Maintenance, Rich and Successful Girlfriend 3. Clingy and Insecure Girlfriend 4. Smart, Savvy and Witty Girlfriend 5. Sexy and Beautiful Girlfriend 6. Evil and Manipulative Girlfriend 7. Dumb and Easy Girlfriend 8. Crazy and Dangerous Girlfriend.

Are you the Perfect Girlfriend, or are you just a push over? Take this quiz and find out!!! It just takes a few minutes, and you may have a laugh. Or maybe not...

Created by: JohnWaynesRetardedStepNiece
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have a Job?
  2. What is your zodiac sign?
  3. Pick a category from the following list you are MOST likely to watch on tv.
  4. Are you?
  5. Approximately how many sex partners have you had?
  6. Who do you most relate to?
  7. If you were forced to eat only one thing for 6 months, which one would you choose from the following.
  8. If someone starts an argument with you, would you.
  9. If you found out your man is cheating with your mother would you be with him again?
  10. If someone cuts you in line, would you.
  11. If another woman called your house asking for your man, would you.
  12. Have you ever Cheated on you boyfriend?
  13. If you were mad enough, would you spit in your boyfriends food?
  14. If Your boyfriend took money out of your purse without asking, would you forgive him?

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