What Type of Girl are You?

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Have you ever wondered what girl type you are? Well from trendy, to cute, to active and more, you can find out! There are seven different outcomes you might get.

Egirl, Fashonista, Tomboy, Shopper, Trendy Girl, Gossip Girl, and Girlygirl. Remember this quiz is not the most accurate. The result you will get will just be an estimate.

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  1. Do you like, enjoy, love, or design/customize clothes?
  2. Do you go on tech often? Do you like it?
  3. Do you go outside often? Do you like to play outside?
  4. Do you like to go shopping? Shopping sprees? The mall?
  5. Do you follow trends? Do you do what's "in"?
  6. Do you often gossip? Do you "like" it?
  7. Which animal listed below is you favorite?
  8. Do like: Painting your nails, accessorizing, cute and cuddly animals?
  9. Do you like being a girl?
  10. How would you describe yourself?

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Quiz topic: What Type of Girl am I?