What type of Girl are you?

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do you ever wander what type of girl you are at heart? you may act like a girly girl but you are actually a tomboy so let what you feel like you are shine! also sorry if you are not a girl. I suppose you can take it anyway if you wish?

this quiz is no 100 percent accurate so don't come rage at me because this is my first quiz. I just did it for a fun time. as many of you are, I'm bored ok? deal with it you don't like it just leave.

Created by: Oive

  1. where would you prefer to go?
  2. what is your personality?
  3. what do you watch on youtube?
  4. what type of man do you want?
  5. what do you do in the morning?
  6. what's your idea food
  7. how do you like your hair
  8. do you read books
  9. do you go on your phone a lot
  10. are yo a couch potato
  11. do you have lots of friends
  12. whites your favourite colour
  13. what if I said the last question didn't really matter or effect score
  14. sorry..
  15. do you like reptiles
  16. ok lets find the results

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Quiz topic: What type of Girl am I?