What type of fruit are you? (For kids still in school)

Warning: You will need to truthfully answer all these questions. Otherwise you probably won't get the righ answer. So answering truthfully is what you will want to do.

This will tell you what fruit I think you are. Taking this quiz has specific questions and each have at least one fruit that is directly aimed at that fruit, so if you don't answer truthfully, you may get the wrong answer. Good luck.

Created by: Mollie

  1. Warning: You will have to be honest on all these questions.What is your most common grade?
  2. How often do you bully kids
  3. Do you do sports?
  4. Do you try hard to get a special someone?
  5. Are you a social butterfly?
  6. Will you willingly help someone you don't know?
  7. Are you sweet?
  8. How often do you attend parties
  9. How much do you care about what you wear?
  10. What is most important to you?

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Quiz topic: What type of fruit am I? (For kids still in school)