What type of friend are you to me?

Hello there. I wanted to say thank you for taking my quiz. This is my first one I have made. I hope you like it. I worked hard on this quiz for you guys.

This quiz will see o you are my friend or my best friend. This quiz has ten questions. I hope you enjoy it. Let’s see if you’ll be my friend or my best friend m. Good luxk

Created by: Springtrap_
  1. Do you like five nights at Freddy’s?
  2. Do you like Bendy and the ink machine?
  3. Who is your fav fnaf 1 character?
  4. Who is your fav fnaf 2 character?
  5. Who is your fav fnaf 3 character?
  6. Who is your fav fnaf 4 character?
  7. Who is your fav Fnaf Sisters Location character?
  8. Who is your fav Bendy and the ink machine character?
  9. What is your fav color?
  10. Do you believe that you are beautiful?

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Quiz topic: What type of friend am I to me?