What type of friend are you

There are many joyful people in the world and many are cruel people. What does it mean to be a best pal? Best pals are people who talks to you and share gifts with you

Are YOU a good pal? Do u enteract with your pals? Do you think the people you hang out with are EVEN your pals? You probably already know but tale this quiz and you will know exactly if your a good pal

Created by: Rara
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  1. If your best pal didint study for an important test would you
  2. Your BFF just told u they didint bring any lunch would you,
  3. If they ask if they can come over would you say
  4. Your pal told u there deepest secret would you
  5. You friend ask to hang out with them but your crush asked you to come over would you
  6. Your friend is being so annoying do you
  7. You see that ur pal has a new outfit how do u react
  8. If you pal say "do you see something new about me" do you
  9. First day of school do you
  10. True or false: does your pal say nice complements about you

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Quiz topic: What type of friend am I