What Type Of Dog Are You

i know that there are some smart people but can you beat these easy question to see what type of dog you are? well ok then. please playing this game will make you smarter.

Do you want to see what type of dog you are. well you are in luck this is the right quiz. the questions are very easy.They are question about you and if you know stuff about dogs. then take his test NOW!!!!

Created by: missy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When someone is fighting what do you do?
  2. In your free time what do you do
  3. What do you eat?
  4. What sports do you like?
  5. do you like pokemon?
  6. Do you know a lot about dogs?
  7. If you know a lot about dogs, what is the name of a dog born in Germany? P.S if you don't know a lot about dogs it is ok.
  8. what is the averavge life span of a dog
  9. Are wolves related to dogs?
  10. this is the most easy question of all. Is the Chihuaua the smallest type of dog?

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