what type of bird are you?

many people have a bird inside them.i chose birds that I live with. About 20% will get _______ I suppose,well anyway, I think you will enjoy---- whatever you get.

what about you? many atype a bird I missed so the quiz might not be percise,but ok. also please note that I owe all cretit to my mom,as a birdwacher,helping me.

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  1. how loud are you?
  2. are you friendly?
  3. do you like to be alone?
  4. your a eagle and you need to feed your hatchlings you miss your fish,what do you do?
  5. you need to go to school in five mins and you just woke up. what do you do?
  6. is this quiz boring?
  7. you are talking with your best friend and your brother\sister comes up and teases you! you,
  8. you have your own cat. your best friend is very jealas.
  9. you are failing in school and so far you'll need sumer school NO!!!!!!!!!!
  10. if your stranded in the woods,what is the first thing you do?

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Quiz topic: What type of bird am I?