What two girls The Calamari Nerds do you secretly ship?

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I have a couple Splatoon OCs. In fact, I have a whole group with girls, The Calamari Nerds! This group comes with, a pervert, a tsundere, a yandere, and a mixture of all of them!

But they are so cute that it is a challenge to not ship them! But a lot of people secretly ship them! So in this quiz we believe we may have found out your ship!

Created by: Miranda Slightom

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  1. First up, what of these pairs do you think sounds cutest?
  2. What do you think is the cutest thing ships could do?
  3. What pair?
  4. Lets see, Favorite Calamari Nerd?
  5. Least favorite Calamari Nerd?!
  6. Pick a line!
  7. Pick a song
  8. Favorite color pair
  9. First date is at ______?
  10. A Gift to a loved one
  11. THE END

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Quiz topic: What two girls The Calamari Nerds do I secretly ship?