What Total Drama Character are you?

This quiz is too see if your an awesome Total drama Character,such as Duncan or DJ. So,which character are YOU most like? Maybe Uptight Courtney,Soft-hearted DJ,Punky Duncan,Party Boy Geoff,Best Female Friends For Life Katie and Sadie or maybe The geek Harold.

So,are you Harold the geek? Hah,probably not,maybe Duncan with the green Mohawk. Are you in love with Duncan? Then your bossy Courtney. Are you a Momma's boy? Then your DJ.

Created by: totaldramaduh

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you Jamaican?
  2. do you fall for Punks/Delinquents easy?
  3. Are you a Party Guy/Girl?
  4. Are you in love with pink and think it goes great with black?
  5. Are you a geek that wuvs ninjas/nunchucks?
  6. Do you pick on the nerds?
  7. Like the quiz so far?
  8. Do you like pink but need a change to mint green with black?
  9. Do you like carving wood into skulls for your love and carving skulls into trees?
  10. Are you excited to be done with this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Total Drama Character am I?