what teacher are you in tapp middle(6th)?

These teachers are 6th grade teachers.I hope you have fun with my quiz.Its got some dumb questins but its funny.Please leave me comments and ill send one back.

who are you in the sixth grade teachers be careful some are mean dont want to turn out like them.hey dont forget to add me!!love you all and see you l8ter

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  1. what would you most rather do to a bad student?
  2. what would you do if you saw a kid by him/her self roaming the halls?
  3. how nice would you be if you saw a students parent eating with their kid?
  4. when you see a kid sleeping in class what do you do?
  5. what color are you?
  6. what is your favorite teacher out of these?
  7. whats your favorite holiday?
  8. who do you think made this quiz?
  9. why did u take th quiz?
  10. why did you go on morgans myspace?

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Quiz topic: What teacher am I in tapp middle(6th)?