What superhero are you?

This is a very special quiz. it took a long time to make and only someone who would venture to prove he is the best boyfriend in the universe should attempt this one...

one foul answer could totally botch your chances to win the hand of the prettiest girl ever, and you may be subjected to at least like 3 or 4 IM lines of pouting. maybe even a questionable emoticon. so choose wisely and view your results...if you dare!

Created by: samantha

  1. If a pretty princess wants a gift would you...
  2. if someone asks you if your princess is prettier than all the other girls in the world would you answer:
  3. if an evil villian tried to kidnap your princess would you:
  4. if you had to ride off into battle, would you ride:
  5. if your princess was cursed and had to be not as pretty for half of the day would you pick:
  6. if you only had 24 hours a year to spend with your princess would you:
  7. if your princess is displeased for some reason would you:
  8. the best way to show your princess you like her is:
  9. if you had to decide between death by a thousand swords and losing your princess would you:
  10. how long do you plan on keeping your princess around?

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Quiz topic: What superhero am I?