What Store Should You Shop At?

Tee shirts, jeans, skirts, hoodies, high tops, clothes. They're part of everyday life and help make you who you are. Where should YOU shop? Preppy? Skater? Find out now.

Where SHOULD you shop? That's a question isn't it. Is your closet full of black, or neons? Skirts or Jeans? Where should you get you clothes? Find out Now!

Created by: Princess Bigfoot

  1. What Tee shirt would you most likely wear?
  2. Favorite Color? [hides behind voldemort]
  3. What store would be your first stop at the mall?
  4. What bottoms would you wear?
  5. Accessories?
  6. What store out of these do You hate the most? For clothes?
  7. Do you find it tacky when people's shirts say the name of the store they got it from? Ex-Aeropostale?
  8. Shoes?
  9. What kind of Swimsuit would you rather wear?
  10. What do you hope you get?

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Quiz topic: What Store should I Shop At?