What stimulant do you need?

This quiz will determine what stimulate you should be taking. Be careful and if you are allergic to something then don't take it. You will do great. Thanks.

Are you looking for an alternative to caffeine? Well I have found it. If you feel the same way you will get that answer in end. Thanks for taking this quiz.

Created by: Serge

  1. Do you need help waking up in the morning?
  2. Do you need a huge boost of energy?
  3. Do you want to feel smarter?
  4. Are you sensitive to caffeine?
  5. Do you feel like you want to try something new?
  6. Do you need stability?
  7. Do you need help concentrating?
  8. Do you need help studying?
  9. Are you fatigued?
  10. What's your mental health status?

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Quiz topic: What stimulant do I need?