What Song Represents You Right Now?

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Feelings fit with certain songs. Which of the songs are you? Revenge? Love? Wanting something back? But what are you feeling particularly? What is your inner feeling?

What song are YOU? There are a lot of songs that can represent who-knows-what. Take my glorious quiz and you will have the song that shows your true feelings.

Created by: Fire_Fairy
  1. Are you in a tough relationship?
  2. If you broke up (or already did), would you go back to him/her?
  3. Do you like Katy Perry, Coldplay, Train, The Wanted, or Maroon 5?
  4. Do you worry about love?
  5. When you lose something/someone valuable to you, what do you do?
  6. What color do you like best?
  7. What's your style?
  8. You are(a)..........
  9. Can you speak riddles, codes, or Pig-Latin?
  10. Cussing is...........

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