What soda are you?

There are many people in the world. Some of them are stupid, slackers, fat, smart, or just really stupid. But really, what if you found out what soda you were? Now that's the best dang tater tottin job i've ever did.

So, do you have the power to be the diet Coke, or the fanta? We'll see, heeee!! but, can you be the flower, who sits home and eats pie and tater tots naked on the couch? the you have to take this twisting quiz!

Created by: Doodely McDoodlebop
  1. How many rulers do you chew a day?
  2. Have you ever dated?
  3. are you fat?
  4. What is the character you would describe yourself as?
  5. Are you Good at eatin pie?
  6. is macaroni good?
  7. what is your favorite food?
  8. Probably the most important question. Did you ever betray pie?
  9. do you eat bananers?
  10. what kind of student are/were you?

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Quiz topic: What soda am I?