What Pop Are You?

There are many pops and sodas, but which one are you? In this quiz you find out EXACTLY what pop you are. You can only be the following 4: Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Coke, and Sierra Mist. Are you going to be your favorite soda? Be prepared just in case you're one you TRULY hate!!!

Now for the big question....What Soda Are YOU? Can you be your favorite? Will you be happy after this quiz? Are you scared? I'm not, after you finish, you're perky again!! Not so droopy and scary looking, REALLY perky! Afterwards, keep taking the quiz until it's the way that makes you happy!

Created by: Riley

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you eat at fast food places?
  2. What would you rather have, Dr. Pepper or Sprite?
  3. DO you like salad?
  4. Did you drink pop today?
  5. Do you like Root Beer?
  6. If you answered Yes to the question before this question, it's not one of the possibilities!!!! What is your reaction?
  7. If you can spell pop, what does 'poop' stand for at the Krusty Krab?
  8. Guess what this is: I say this to you when I leave. It's a three letter word.
  9. Spell the word i'm thinking of:
  10. Is your attitude nice?

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Quiz topic: What Pop am I?