What sleepover party style to you like?

I LOVE sleepovers,Too bad I barley have them.I think alot of people like them.Like 98% of kids and 2% don't.It is no harm to say no to a sleepover if you really dont want to go out for the night.

Some kids sleep most of the time some like to stay up.It isnot much of deal.If you fall a sleep first and your friends draw a mustache on you,They are not a true friend

Created by: cats

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. First of all,what time do you go to bed at?
  2. Whats your hobby
  3. Whats your favourite food
  4. Do you have friends?
  5. Your picking out some cd's for your party.What do you pick?
  6. What movie do you pick?
  7. Your allowed to pick an oufit for everybody to waer.What do you pick?
  8. Your invitions are in what shape?
  9. What do you talk about?
  10. Do you want your friends to bring a teddy.
  11. Do you like sleepovers(last one)

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