What Skyrim Character are you?

Ever wanted to know what skyrim character you'd be? Well now you can (kind of) funny questions, funny answers. And lots of fruit. Enjoy it :)

Are you a military leader, or an annoyance? Or even a deidaric prince? Find out now, TAKE MAH TEST!!!! Okay thanks :)

Created by: William

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  1. You see a nobleman on the road, you...?
  2. Your at a restaurant, you order.....?
  3. A guard accuses you of stealing a gold ring, you.....?
  4. A dragon lands beside you, you.......?
  5. Your favourite colour is?
  6. You are.....?
  7. You worship.....?
  8. Almost there...... -_-
  9. A thief comes up to you and says "gimmie all yo $$$!"
  10. A zombie attacks you, you.....?

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Quiz topic: What Skyrim Character am I?