What should your name be

Hi my name is jean, and I know a lot of people with these different names and its awesome because they really do have these characteristics. I hope you like my quiz :)

I hope you like my quiz I tried really hard to pick good questions (even though it might not seem like it) I just picked questions that would help decide another name for you. Don't take this quiz to seriously it could be wrong

Created by: Jean

  1. Hi welcome to my quiz :)
  2. When it comes to doing work how is your attitude
  3. You just broke your best friends FAVORITE item by accident what would you do
  4. If something bad happens or you get really upset what do you do
  5. Which colors would you pick out of these
  6. What is your favorite day of the week
  7. What is your favorite planet
  8. What is your favorite group of numbers
  9. How did you like the quiz
  10. Ok byeeeee

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Quiz topic: What should Ir name be