What Should I Name My Baby Boy

There are so many names in this world. Why not find out which is right for your child. I took this quiz, and now my twin boy's names are Jared and Devon and they are just like the description!!!

Do you want to know what to name your baby boy? Do you want to know what name would fit him? Take this quiz because I did and now I have two twin baby boys named after a result in this quiz!!!

Created by: Maya
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which name sounds best to your liking?
  2. What do you want you boy to be like?
  3. It is Christmas and your kid gives you a list. If you add up all the prices of all the toys, it is over $600. What do you buy?
  4. If your kid goes to jail, what would your response be?
  5. Most boys are born during summer. When were you born?
  6. Do you want more kids after this one?
  7. You are at work and you get a phone call. It is your husband. He says that they are at the hospital and that him and your son just got in a car crash and your son is badly hurt. What do you do?
  8. You and your kids are bored on a hot summer day. What do you do?
  9. You are watching your son climb a tree on a windy day. Once he is near the top he grabs a broken branch. He falls out of the tree on breaks his collar bone, arm, and ankle. How do you feel.
  10. Are you good with kids?
  11. Do you want your kid to be a mama's boy, a bad boy, or a daddy's boy?

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