What should be your job?

Some people want to be a dog trainer some want to be a singer but people don't know what matches there personality. Well problem solved take this quiz and find out what should be your job.

I also don't want any one to get mad about this I'm sorry if my quiz is so wrong. Remember that this is just a quiz and it does not really give you correct answers.

Created by: Claire Grace

  1. What do you enjoy the most?
  2. how would you end your day. I don't mean death!
  3. If you were popular around the whole world and had many fans you would...
  4. If your friend is trying to find you best place to look is
  5. Something you are good at. Please be honest!!
  6. Are you smart, Again be honest
  7. Do you take long to get dressed
  8. What is your style?
  9. What animal do you like most
  10. do you enjoy any of these?
  11. And lastly do you want to have lots of money?

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Quiz topic: What should be my job?