What Shimmer and Shine character are you?

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Many people have seen Nickleodeon's genie television series, Shimmer and Shine. You know, the show about the twin genie sisters granting wishes for their best friend, Leah?

Anyway, if you've taken my other Shimmer and Shine quizzes, you would know if you are a Shimmer and Shine song expert, and if you are Shimmer or Shine. But, do you know which character BESIDES Shimmer or Shine you are. You can be Shimmer, Shine, Leah, Tala, Nahal, or Zeta.

Created by: Shimmer_

  1. Who is your favorite?
  2. Who do you consider yourself most like?
  3. What are your favorite colors?
  4. Are you good or evil?
  5. Pick a genie gem.
  6. Pick a pet
  7. Do you like glitter?
  8. What gem?
  9. Are you a genie?
  10. If you could be any character from Shimmer and Shine BUT Shimmer and Shine, who would you be?
  11. If you had three wishes a day, what would you wish for?
  12. Who do YOU think that you are?
  13. How do you rate this quiz?(no effect)

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Quiz topic: What Shimmer and Shine character am I?