What Season are you??

This is a fun quiz to figure out what season you are! Are you sweet, inoccent spring, or party, fun, Summer? That's why i made this quiz, for you!!!!!

Please make you're own quiz so i can take it!!!! And give it an honest rating!!! i worked hard on this so you know!!! also it's not 100% accuret so if you don't like your answer it might not be right!!!

Created by: Lucy

  1. What's your fav holiday?
  2. Daily outfit?
  3. What are you scared of?
  4. WHATS YOUR FAV FOOD TASTE??????????????????????
  5. FaV sInGer??????
  6. fav colors
  7. weather?
  8. fav sport
  9. VAcay?
  10. did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Season am I??