What Samuel Larsen song are you?

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Ever wondered which Samuel Larsen song you might be? Now you can find out! Fan or not, you now can see the possibilities. You may end up finding your true self with it, maybe a rebellious type or a daydreamer!

Do you want to know what you'd be if you were a Samuel Larsen song? You can find out with this quiz quick and easy! Each option is customized from an ideal personality based upon the lyrics of the songs!

Created by: DaydreamJazzy

  1. How do you respond to people being rude?
  2. How do you enter a relationship?
  3. What is something most people say about you?
  4. What is the worst thing that could happen to you?
  5. What is your prized possession?
  6. What do you feel defines you the most?
  7. Song that defines you
  8. Ideal trait for a lover?
  9. Ideal first date?
  10. Will you rate or comment?

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Quiz topic: What Samuel Larsen song am I?