What's your wolf name?

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You heart beats with the earth as you sprint through the undergrowth. You duck underneath a low hanging branch and leap over a frosty pool. You see a million reflections of you in the shattered surface. Then the enemy that stands on the other side of the battlefield calls out to you. But what name does he call?

Ok. Let me be clear. Do not steal my names. This quiz ONLY works if you take the second half. Find it on my profile page. These names are like Warrior cat names. IN MY DEFENCE!!! I made this name system and type BEFORE I read the Warriors series. So just don't. Enjoy the quiz :)

Created by: DarkestFox09

  1. You come across a river, but your packlands are on the other side. There's a narrow neck of the river to your left, and a fallen log to your right. The river ahead of you is too wide to jump, but it seems calm. You:
  2. Enemy wolves are attacking the camp! You fight with:
  3. You would like your coat to be:
  4. What do you look for in a mate?
  5. Staying up late:
  6. A challenge! The Alpha's daughter has challenged him to a fight for leadership! She seems passionate, smart, energetic and hearty. But the old alpha was calm, collected and very wise. Who do you support?
  7. Which one is your best trait?
  8. Pineforest, oakforest, mountains or snowy plains?
  9. Your best friend betrays your pack by seeing another wolf from a different pack. Do you:
  10. You told the Alpha about your friend! (Qst 9) And your friend must stop seeing their crush and leave the pack!
  11. Did you like this quiz?
  12. Are you going to take the next one?
  13. Ok, take a pick! Good luck!

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Quiz topic: What's my wolf name?