what's your warrior status

Have you wondered what you would be if you were a cat in warriors? Well with this quiz written by me you can find out. Please thank my friend katie for getting me interested

Do you have the bravery of a warrior, the power of a leader, The calmness of a medicine cat or loyalty of a deputy. Well Oh my Starclan this quiz is right for you. Enjoy!

Created by: Lachlan

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. if you had a crush on a cat in another clan what would you do
  2. you see someone in your clan tresspassing, what do you do
  3. would you rather be a medicine cat or a warrior
  4. do you think you'd make a good leader
  5. if your mate passed away what would you do
  6. what are your personality traits
  7. which personality trait is so not you
  8. what would you like to do in your spare time
  9. You see a kit drowning. However you can't swim. What do you do
  10. Did you like the quiz
  11. What would you do if you got a message from starclan sayin you had to kill one of you kits

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Quiz topic: What's my warrior status