what's your strengh?

hello every one thanks for taking my quiz this will probaly be a series so i hope to see some comments fyi this only for the females i'll try to make the next time longer

hello yes i am random i will hope you like it cause it will show in my quiz's good luck to everyone and please try to be polite when commenting oh and you will probaly be close to a boy next time thanks again

Created by: Taylor
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. on a hum drum summer day u are bourd and decided to go somewhere whare do you go
  2. at your place you feel a little hunger comming on you go to the consession stand and you get?
  3. while eatting your food of choice you notice a firghtening chill in the air what are you thinking
  4. you star to notice the wind kicking up what's it from?
  5. finaly you see some one else on the beach what's he look like
  6. the power gets stronger you can tell by the strong feeling in your gut what are you thinking
  7. the guy comes over and starts to talk to you do you talk back
  8. you know say's the guy we seem to be of the same calliber you may just be able to help be come on i'll show you what i mean
  9. what do you maen you say i mean say's the guy that you should leave that cop of your's they will never win
  10. ok now last qustion what's you fave color

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Quiz topic: What's my strengh?