What's your Social Status?

Wuz your social status? Are you a lozer? Are you a social princess/prince? Find out now! Find out now find out now find out now find out now find out now find out now find out now find out now! Do you want to know? Well find out now...and take my quiz!

Are you a lozer? Or are you a social dude/dudette who will succeed? Until now you probably didn't care! But thanks to me, you'll know even if you don't care! Take my quiz, find out, care!

Created by: cassie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your friends would describe you as:
  2. In your group, you are the:
  3. The word that describes you best:
  4. You share_____with your friends.
  5. Your favorite acronym is:
  6. You like yourself. You do not resent your flaws. You can accept that you aren't perfect. You can except that you are perfect.
  7. When you get depressed you:
  8. Your I.Q is:
  9. sh jdhf kahsfhd fkdjfkla;j ksdjfalkjf aahf?
  10. The language you want to speak fluently.
  11. When this quiz is over you will probably:

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