What's your personality

There are so many personalities in this world. Some may be dull and boring, while others may be fun and exciting, not to mention the several other types in between.

But the question is, what's YOUR personality? Are you nerdy, popular, sporty, or lazy? Take this quiz and find out! Remember to comment ;).

Created by: Zoe
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  1. You're given an assignment to do over the weekend, you
  2. Your friends invite you to their house on a school night, you
  3. You see your two best friends fighting, you
  4. Your school is organizing an outdoor sports event, you
  5. One of the kids at school provoke you, you
  6. Your teacher isn't looking, your friends start whispering to each other, you
  7. Some kids at school challenge you to fight them, you
  8. A popular kid gives you a compliment, you
  9. You your teacher having trouble carrying stuff in the hallway, you
  10. Your teacher gives you a pop quiz, everyone starts acting gloomy, you
  11. For your weekend activities, you
  12. You plan to spend summer,
  13. A kid at school fired a spitball at you, you
  14. You see one of your friends getting into a fight, you
  15. You see your mom coming home from some errands, you

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