What's your personality

Let's talk about personalitys the first part is person meaning it describes you. With this quiz you can find out who you really are and who you disire to be.

Don't you ever wonder if you seem as happy as you really are? I can put your happiness to the test just by answering a few questions and having fun too!!!

Created by: Juli p
  1. You go into a concert of your fave singer you...
  2. You are in the park and someone just starts to sing, what do you do
  3. You loose a soccer game what do you do
  4. You get an award what is it for
  5. Your mom yells at you, what do you do
  6. Some body you don't know waves at you you...
  7. Someone misspronounces your name, you...
  8. Some one says you ugly you...
  9. You fall you...
  10. You ____ this quiz

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Quiz topic: What's my personality