What's your ideal pet?

Pet's are very important things in life, used for company and fun. Some pets are rather lazy while others are bouncy and funny. I've got a pet puppy, she's bouncy, what's your ideal pet?

Are YOU a pet person? Do you love animals? Well, then, this is the quiz for you! In this quiz, please try to use sensible answers. At the end, you'll find out what your ideal pet is. Good luck!

Created by: Maddy

  1. What's your ideal toy for a pet?
  2. Where would your pet sleep?
  3. What would you feed your pet?
  4. Where would you take it for walks?
  5. Why would you get one?
  6. What color would it be?
  7. What would it's personality be like?
  8. Would you take it to pet shows?
  9. Would it be a family pet?
  10. What tricks would it do?

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Quiz topic: What's my ideal pet?