What's your Element????

Ever wonder what element you are? Well, I do!!! I hope that you guys enjoy the quiz!! If you want more quizzes by me search up what 'Taylor Swift album are you?'!!

It is simple. There will be a question like : What's your fav color? You will tap on it and that will be your answer. At the end, under your score, will be other answers your close to!!!!!

Created by: Lucy

  1. What's your daily outfit?
  2. Favorite Subject in school?
  3. Dream Job?
  4. Fav color????
  5. Favorite Bird???? :()
  6. Favorite Singer
  7. Do you make your meals or does someone else?
  8. How do people describe you???
  9. What's your zodiac?
  10. Finally, What's your fav season?

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Quiz topic: What's my Element????