What's your digimon

Digimon they are digital monsters they live in the digital world they kill each other to get there data to get stronger and get strong enough to go to the real world

Are you a fan of digimon or are you just taking a random quiz well you are a quiz taker and I reaspect it you like digimon I do to I really do agumon!

Created by: Camden
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  1. If you hade no pb for your pb and j sandwich what would you do
  2. If you got the crest of love what would you do
  3. What do you do when bealzomon uses double impact on you
  4. Greymon and etamon comes by and both ask you to be there tamer which one do you chose
  5. You become a digimon king what's your first order
  6. You see a little koromon what do you do
  7. You see a pile of food graded by etamon what do you do
  8. You see a sworn of agumon what do you do
  9. You find a exit but you see a devimon guarding it what do you do
  10. You see puppetmon but he says he's friendly what do you do

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Quiz topic: What's my digimon