What's your Animal Spirit

Animals are very puzzling and mysterious creatures.They mystify us with their numbers.Animals are such powerful and great creatures they are ment to be.

In this quiz you will learn about your spirit animal.(a spirit of an animal inside of you.)I created this quiz because I am an animal lover myself.Now,go on!

Created by: Aqil

  1. I Know you don't want to answer this but what's your favorite colour?
  2. What superpower would you have?
  3. Where would you like to live?
  4. What's your favorite food?
  5. On the question I just asked you just now,'anything edible'couldnt get any score.How do u feel 'bout that?
  6. What's your fave gemstone?
  7. Do you lie?
  8. Next Qs coming up.You ready for it?
  9. Sorry.The next one's the final Q.
  10. What do you think your gonna get?

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Quiz topic: What's my Animal Spirit