What's My Personality? Who Am I?

Are you Popular? Insane? Loco? Smart? A genius? Hot? Nice? Sweet? Amazing? Well, if you are any of those things, you are a good person. But if you are a bully or anything that has to do with that subject, you aren't as good.

By taking this quiz, it will hopefully teach bullies and full on pieces of s--- to STOP and just become better people. It's not that hard, why wouldn't you want to be a good person? And this quiz is also supposed to help good people who think they're not good to stay who they are. They're worth it.

Created by: Emma
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you bully anyone?
  2. Are you good in bed?
  3. Are you nice?
  4. Do you get good grades in school or are you good at your job?
  5. Do guys give you signs that you're hot or liked?
  6. Am I popular?
  7. Do girls give you signs you're hot or liked?
  8. Do you often have company?
  9. Are you often invited to events or parties?
  10. Are you a sadist?

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