what rank are you in a wolf pack

Hello! I have put a lot of effort into this test It's the first one I have ever made.... so enjoy. I was inspired to do this because my friends and I have a pack, I'm alpha. I wanted to make a test for them to see what rank they would be.

In this tests there are eight possible outcomes 1.ALPHA- like me: alpha is leader of the pack the strong mighty leader. 2.BETA: second in command, helping the alpha with conflicts. 3.DELTA: The wolf in training for Beta. 4. Hunter 5. Scouts 6. Caretaker and 8. Omega

Created by: savannah
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your alpha moves forward,he/she has a savage look in his/her face and then calls:YOU!YOU!SPOILED THE PACK HUNT! Opening his/her jaws do yo:
  2. in front of you a pup cowers into a corner.Above it,a massive lone wolf bares its teeth,do you:
  3. the pack is relaxing after a nice meal feeling bored you:
  4. A bull sees you ready to charge you:
  5. You see your mate cry,you:
  6. what rank do you want to be?
  7. what rank would you like to be
  8. second choice what would you like to be:
  9. second choice on what would you like to be:
  10. do you like my quiz my first one i have made!(will effect)

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Quiz topic: What rank am I in a wolf pack