what rank are you in a wolf pack

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this test is going to let you know what rank you would have if you were in a real wolf pack.if you answer trufully you will get and answer that ether discribes you are you inner wolf self.

if you are not satifide with your result its fine go back and take it again just because u can answere it trufully dosnt mean you have to or shoul ;) just have fun it dosnt seal your fate

Created by: Timber
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you consider you self a leader
  2. Do you want pups
  3. are you able to have pups
  4. Do you have a strong temper
  5. are your parents pure alphas
  6. do you love to help sick or injured wolves
  7. what best discribes your personality
  8. what rank do u think you deserve
  9. do you like to hunt
  10. do you like to defend your pack

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Quiz topic: What rank am I in a wolf pack