What race will you be?

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I was bored and that is why I made this amazing quiz! I was inspired by Skyrim from bethesda game studios's races! This was hrad and fun! I am very proud of it!

I made this for all of the people in the world! I hope that you like or maybe even at the best love it! Thanks for clicking on it so that we can see what race you are!

Created by: RRR

  1. firstly,choose a habitat!
  2. next,choose a color aura!
  3. choose a flavor
  4. choose a material for the clan base to be made of!
  5. choose a pattern for the flag
  6. choose a temprature
  7. choose a humidity
  8. choose a material for the armor that the clan wears?
  9. choose a material for the man-moved catapult house!
  10. what material are the weapons made out of?
  11. what is the best piece of gear?
  12. Are you isolated?
  13. And finally,what is your favourite animal?

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Quiz topic: What race will I be?