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hey, it's me, your best friend: Tungus Howard, creator of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the only game. as god an i are one and the same i have the ability to assign you a kin and i cannot be stopped.

after this i want you to log into steam and search for skyrim. i want you to buy it. then i want you to buy a vr headset. and then youll buy skyrim vr. you will do this. you have no choice. thank you for playing.

Created by: Todd Howard
  1. Pick your major non-DLC guild of choice.
  2. What's your favorite "feature?"
  3. Your go-to playstyle when you don't already have a specific build in mind:
  4. Pick a Daedric artifact, it probably won't kill you.
  5. Ideally, if you could choose to live anywhere in-game, where would you stay?
  6. Choose a favorite boss out of the following:
  7. Congrats, you get to be Todd. Now change something.
  8. Have you ever even TOUCHED the crafting system?
  9. You get one (1) shout.
  10. Will you be buying Skyrim VR?
  11. Choose your fighter.

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