What quote do you need to be happy?

Created by: PuffBall

  1. ok, ready to answer some questions/?? :) :D :P (does not count teehe)
  2. So how do you feel about life so far? :)
  3. ok that wus a trick question, i just want t=you to read every quote for results cause all of them makes you happy..kkk?
  4. Which result do you want?
  5. ok what about this ones....sorry i had more so you can start this page over to not answer the last one and anser this one..kk?
  6. by the way if you chose the 10th one on the last one..... the 10th doesn't excist there is only 9..:P
  7. ok i need 12 questionas so bye!!! YOU NEED TO SEE EVERY QUOTE PLEASE.......oh yea and i have to ask you a question....very impotant on this quiz
  8. ok you need to answer this in the somments: what is your favorite quote? or explain something that helped you or will help others...or is just for fun :D
  9. blah
  10. ok almoust there!
  11. done!

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Quiz topic: What quote do I need to be happy?