What Pyrria Tribe Are You?-WoF

Ehm... *walks up to mic* Is this thing on? *taps mic* *feedback* Oh okay so... *reads speech* This is a multi-quiz designed for getting quick results for your most likely Wings of Fire tribe~

You can have results in between a proud and loyal IceWing to a prideless and sweet RainWing! Also, this is a great quiz for if you're looking for a decent OC. Enjoy!~

Created by: Starlit~Rizer
  1. How would you describe yourself?
  2. How would you use animus power, if you had it?
  3. Are you loyal?
  4. Fave color?
  5. Fave food?
  6. Do you like dessert?
  7. Pick your favorite Disney movie of the ones below:
  8. Whats the most useless talent you have? Pick one from below
  9. Pick a name from below:
  10. What would you be?
  11. I know, this is really weird, but NONE of this will be used against you; pick the closest number; How many people have you kissed?

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Quiz topic: What Pyrria Tribe am I?-WoF