What prom dress style should you pick

ever wonder what your perfect dress will be? ever wonder how your going to find ot. well take this quiz and you will get immidiate reslts. this quiz is for all ages and you dont even need to be going to prom.

there are a bunch of questions that are built around what is going to look the best on you, and make you most comfortable. im so excited for you and dont lie on this or you may end up in a lady gaga dress when you really should be in a plain dress

Created by: Madison
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you tall
  2. whats ur personality(this counts)
  3. are you ganna dance at prom?
  4. are you going to have ur hair strait or curled
  5. are you a loud person
  6. do shoes matter
  7. are you planning on eating at prom
  8. are you going to be prom queen
  9. name this song-I'm So Pretty Like, Be On My Pedal Bike, Be On My Low Scrunch, Be On My Ecko Whites, He Say Nicki Don't Stop You Da Bestest, And I Just Be Coming Off The Top As Bestest
  10. are u skinny
  11. are u ganna paint ur nails
  12. are u sicure

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Quiz topic: What prom dress style should I pick