What powers do you have?

This quiz explains what your powers are if you have any. Remember this quiz may not be completely accurate but this is the best possible thing for me to do. Anyways yeah. This quiz is just for fun.

Please remember as stated in the first paragraph this may not be accurate for you. This is just for fun and may or may not be real. You may comment if you think this was accurate or not.

Created by: Halinolive

  1. When someone makes you angry how do you respond?
  2. How often do you watch tv or play video games?
  3. What do you do when your bored?
  4. How often do you get in fights?
  5. In school we’re you popular!
  6. Are you more on the gentle or hard side of the personality table?
  7. How often do you exercise?
  8. Do you believe in magic?
  9. Are you ready for whatever results this quiz may bring you?
  10. Do you understand that this is not completely accurate?

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Quiz topic: What powers do I have?