What power do you posses

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When you take this quiz you will find out what power you have and what you can do with it it may be a good power or it may be a bad power and I bad as in evil.

Do want to discover what secret power you have well if you do then take my quiz to find out now what power you posses may be water, fire, lightning, earth, air or darkness.

Created by: Joshua Shelley
  1. What kind of heart do your have.
  2. If you could have powers what would you use them for.
  3. If you saw someone being robbed what would you do.
  4. Do you fight for...
  5. Out of these what would your name be
  6. if the army or government tried to catch you or kill you because of your abilities and they called you a freak what would you do.
  7. Which one of these is suitable for you.
  8. What's your life like
  9. What's the most important thing to you
  10. I know you hate this question but out of these what's your faviroute colour

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Quiz topic: What power do I posses