What position should you play?

In a game of soccer, there are positions such as goal keeper, defense, midfielder and all that. Want to know which one you are the best at? Well you can stop wondering and take this quiz.

It may not be accurate, but hey, just slack the day off if it isn't. So...which one are you? Goal keeper, defense, midfielder, forward or what? So enjoy!

Created by: soccergurl14
  1. Pick one that you are good at the most.
  2. Are you a fast runner?
  3. Can you kick the ball far and quickly.
  4. Are you a good catcher?
  5. What part of the foot do you kick the ball with?
  6. If a ball is coming your way, what do you do?
  7. Have you ever slide-tackled?
  8. Eh, I left out Defense for the results. Sorry...
  9. Are you good at endurance?
  10. Don't forget to rate and comment!

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Quiz topic: What position should I play?