What Pony Are You?

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Who are you? Twi? Rainow? Pinkie? Fluttershy? Rarity? Apple? Find out with this quiz by an 12 year old male in 6th grade. Hope you enjoy it, please do!

Are you Twi? Rainow? Pinkie? Fluttershy? Rarity? Apple? Or are you someone...Excuse me Some-pony completely differant...Just figure that out youreself!

Created by: Finley Root

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You find that two friends of yours have parties at the same time! What do you do?
  2. A giant creature screams at you! What do you do
  3. Who do you adore and/or who adores you!
  4. Is it true that you believe that Friendship is Magic
  5. Would you rather have Friends or Fame
  6. Were you ever afraid of being embarrassed in public.
  7. Were you ever afraid of doing something as you may end up like someone else
  8. Have you done something that you want no one to find out about?
  9. What color hair is your hair
  10. What word describes your character the most?

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Quiz topic: What Pony am I?