What pokemon type are you

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What pokemon type are you? Water, fire, grass, normal, electric?! Find out here! There are 12 question here and you can find out the truth right here!

The title say it all. Come now to learn the truth of what pokemon type are you with 12 questions! You could be the pokemon type you've always wanted! There's water, fire, grass, normal, and electric!

Created by: abc123

  1. Don't damn kill me! -Hides behind giant watermelon- What's your favorite color? -Steals Jeff the Killer's knife-
  2. It's vacation time! :D Where do you wanna go?
  3. RP TIME! 
  4. Okay kids: A trainer comes and tries to catch you. What the hell do you do?
  5. The trainer rages and uses a master ball. He cheers hurray and uses fly to get to the poke center.
  6. Suddenly, when the trainer reaches the poke center, he drops the ball by mistake and you appear. He doesn't notices you.
  7. ACHOO!
  8. What's your favorite food?
  9. You see a really hot girl/boy in a cafe, what do you do?
  10. How'd ya fell about this?

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Quiz topic: What pokemon type am I